What the malt is ít?

The malt is one of the most important raw materials in the production of beer. Malting process involves the conversion of the barley grains starch into sugars. In our company this process begins with:

Intake of barley , where uncleaned barley is graded by quality (based on the analysis in the laboratory) and stored in the preparation bins. These bins have a capacity of about 350 tons.

Barley is then cleaned and allowed to rest on the original barley wooden granaries. These granaries can hold amount of approx. 2000 tons.

Rested barley then goes to the steeping section. The water in which barley is steeped must be oxidized. In our malt house, this function is carried out by a powerful blower. There are eight steeping tanks in the steeping section. Each is equipped with three rings, for blowing in the air.

Steeped barley is spread onto threshing floor into piles, in which it germinates. A small mechanization is introduced at this place. The macine turning the piles is equipped with a water tank and nozzles. Mounds are also sprayed to have desired moisture.

Barley is then spread on kilns, where the heat stops the enzymatic process of germination. The kilning process is computer controlled.

After cooling the sprouts are removed from malt and malt is stored in malt granaries. The granaries have a capacity of approx. 2,500 tons.

Before dispatching the malt is cleaned, polished in a polishing machine and shipped in bulk or in bags in amount of 50 kg. The piles are sprayed as wall to reach the required moisture.