Since the Haná region is the “breadbasket” of our country, already our ancestors begun with the production of malt and liquid bread – beer in this region. The malt production is one of the few economic sectors that still make our country famous worldwide.

Haná region – the center of malting

It was in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire when the Haná region was the center of the whole malting industry. Maltmasters belonged to the leaders in their field and their businesses (mostly family businesses) were one of the largest in the country. Due to their business activities around the world, “Malzfabrikanten” had a great political influence, they held important economic positions and were thus at the origin of the malting industry.

Patents for malt production as early as in the 19th century

In 1880 there were seventy exporting malthouses in the Haná region out of total ninetynine in the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire. At that time, the malthouse in Prostějov located in place what is the Blahoslavova street today was at its peak; it was founded in 1800 and run by the Winter Brothers since then. They were malting experts owing several patents in the field of the malt production technology. They were even more proficient in trading – they sold goods mainly to Bavaria and America. At that time, the malthouse was one of the best equipped and largest in Europe.

Fire of 1892

In 1892, the malthouse burned down. It was re-built and equipped even better. It employed qsmuchas workers in the production of 5,000 tons of malt. It further flourished and in 1928 it produced 6,500 tons of malt. The malt was sold under the brand name Castello.

Occupation suspends the operation of the malthouse

Further flourishing of the malthouse was prevented by the occupation of Czechoslovakia during the WWII. In October 1940, a German administrator was appointed to the malt house. The owners were already in England, the rest of the family was imprisoned. In 1942, the whole operation of the malthouse was stopped.

The malthouse of the Winter Brothers was nationalized in 1948

The business of the Winter Brothers was nationalized in 1948 and incorporated into National Company Commercial Malthouses Olomouc and then into other reorganized structures. The company was in operation, but because of the unwillingness of the national company management, it was dilapidating and technically falling behind. Nevertheless, the good quality of produced malt kept the operation going.

Castello – return to the traditional brand name

After 1992, the malthouse was taken out from Commercial Malthouses and within privatization sold to a new owner, who has been running the malthouse since then and again under the brand name Castello. In English the Castello means the castle and chapel and the two kiln towers depicted on the logo remind a castle or a chapel. The owner wanted to restore this brand name and preserve it as a reference to and memory of the Winter’s family and pay tribute to their skill in malting.